Goodbye, America

… well, not quite yet – I’m writing this using my 20 minutes of complimentary Wi-Fi in the Louisville airport before my connection in O’Hare. These last few days have been full of those moments like “this is a little bit crazy, also I think I probably have forgotten everything I need to pack, also what if everything gets lost and the plane crashes and it turns out the Irish actually hate white girls from Kentucky?” But it’s been really cool to calm myself down and trust God with everything that’s going to happen, and also to realize that probably the worst thing that will happen is I’ll look like a mountain pack mule dragging all my luggage around. So, “goodbye” to Kentucky, “see you later” to friends and family, and “good riddance” to Kentucky summer weather (and mosquitoes, I hope – do they have those in Ireland?). Love y’all (except the bugs), and you’ll hear from me from across the pond!

Surreptitious airport photo

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