London in Photos and Words

Just what the title says. Get ready for a whirlwind tour, because I have a psychology essay to write. Not only is this a week late, but it’s probably the worst for photos because my phone was dead almost all weekend. I’ll add more stuff later… maybe. Enjoy, anyway ❤ (text goes with photo below it)

London Eye seen from my airport shuttle at 1am



Not pictured: getting lost in the construction at Victoria Station at 2am, buying an Oyster Card, collapsing into my hostel bed.

Kensington Palace and some modern art arch thing, seen from Hyde Park


this is called Kensington Bridge South or something similar


All the ducks waiting for something exciting to happen, and a swan hoping they won’t notice him
some fountain thing in Kensington Gardens

a statue of some guy and an animal (they have a lot of these in London)


Kiko Milano in Covent Garden, for any Recordians/Yalies reading


Tragalgar Square

(this was a typo but I liked it better that way)


lackluster selfie #1 (secret: one of the selfies I took on this trip is the most absurd photo I have ever seen but I’m saving it for a special moment, like maybe to project behind me and my husband during our wedding [Kim’s idea – she’s seen it])Snapchat-6217825367955127353

the names of some fancy artists in the National Gallery

some art


don’t remember why I took a picture of this one


I mostly go to art museums for the architecture

this was my favorite painting in the whole place – just look at this guy’s attitude


a really big painting of somebody’s horse

guess they ran out of time to do the background

some other paintings I like

Snapchat-4345373907365950512 Snapchat-7466849402529435662

Buckingham Palace seen from St James Park


ooh palace-y


Big Ben (ish)


Abraham Lincoln


This was the most exciting thing in the Supreme Court besides the cheeky security guard who kept telling people not to sit in one particular chair in the court chamber


Big Ben/London EyeIMG_20151016_153844086 London graffito 1: yeah what did they ever do to you

IMG_20151016_154332595 (1)decent

gave in to the pressure to take a selfie in front of the palace of westminster but there’s no way to rotate photos on wordpress and I’m lazy


at the Tate British: outlines of some humans made out of toast
IMG_20151016_165411040_HDR (1)

London graffito 2: in the Tate bathroom


Not pictured: evensong in Westminster Abbey, which was beautiful

This is basically the only photo I took in the British Museum because I was too busy looking at the Rosetta Stone and also my phone was dead and the security guard told me I couldn’t stand behind the exhibit charging it


a cool thing



Saturday breakfastIMG_20151017_081205791_HDRthe John Wesley Highwalk, for you Methodism nerds


(it’s on Aldersgate St)


I spent the entire morning standing in queue at the Barbican Centre waiting for Hamlet tickets, but the people I was in line with were lovely. Also listened to a speech by some lady at a conference that was going onIMG_20151017_102429524

The Museum of LondonIMG_20151017_123735520 (1)they had nice fritatta
and some John Wesley sculpture thing 

view on the way back to the Barbican to see Hamlet

pigeons chillin on some ancient ruin


inside that building is where I saw Benedict CumberbatchIMG_20151017_130840292

hate to think what it looked like before she fixed it


taken 20 minutes before I saw Benedict CumberbatchSnapchat-8779787811315268974

St Paul’s Cathedral, where I went to another evensong


millennium bridge etcIMG_20151017_181530951

went here briefly


the globeeeIMG_20151017_181552695_HDR

london graffito 3: Charlie Chaplin near Borough Market, where I ate dinnerIMG_20151017_182701663

tower bridge, shot from the walkway to the HMS BelfastIMG_20151017_190609306

dunno what happened in this photo but I like itIMG_20151017_191143222

the Tower of London, where they drained the moat so the yeomen could use it for bowlingIMG_20151017_200317323

Kenneth Branagh’s theatre company because why notIMG_20151017_204951623_HDR

got to watch the sun rise in Stansted Airport because I missed my flightIMG_20151018_074336864_HDR

paid a hundred pounds for this dumb piece of paper, but at least I was the first person to board the plane, which was excitingSnapchat-197630320815352105

mmm a fieldIMG_20151018_084549512_HDR

nice view anyway

oh heyo IrelandIMG_20151018_093655049_HDR

the end

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