Yes, I am still alive!

Yes, I am still alive.

No, I have not caught up on sleep yet, despite waking up at 11:45 on my second day of work.

No, my bosses didn’t notice that I wasn’t at work.

No, I hadn’t been drinking the night before, just rock climbing.

Yes, I’m going rock climbing again tomorrow.

Yes, I am aware that Ireland is playing at six tomorrow. And yes, I’ve been watching Euro 2016 (the European soccer championship). There are “public viewings” all over Stuttgart where bars put up screens outside. Tonight for Germany v. Ukraine there were four vans full of police in full riot gear outside the bar next to where we were sitting, but they were mostly just watching the game and eating takeout and smoking.

Yes, I’ve been drinking German beer. No, not a lot. Yes, I miss Guinness.

Yes, I went to a castle today (not sure how that’s related, but okay). Yeah, it was gorgeous, but I don’t have any photos because my phone stopped working yesterday. Here’s one from the Internet. burg hohenzollern.png

Yes, it’s on top of a mountain. No, it was rainy, like it’s been almost every day since I arrived, but we had a nice hike back to the train station where it was a little sunny and at least not raining most of the time.

No, I didn’t wear my new orange shoes. They’re safe and dry in my matching orange apartment building.


No, I haven’t gone hiking alone, don’t worry. Just walking in parks, with many snails.

Yeah, I’ve been eating lots of delicious food. My diet is mostly cheese, chocolate, and various forms of bread. It’s a nice way to live.

Yes, the Americans and the people in the lab are still great. No, I haven’t made a lot of other friends yet, but not speaking German might be a bit of a hindrance to meeting people.

Yes, my German is improving. I think I’ve ordered food a couple of times either mostly or entirely in German, and I only once actually said “si” instead of “ja” to a chocolate croissant salesperson. Yes, most of my vocabulary is related to ordering food and beverages.

Yes, I like Stuttgart. There are lots of nice parks, markets and discount groceries (such good food), and a million kebab restaurants. Everything you need, really.

No, I haven’t been to any museums yet, but I have been to the top of the TV tower, where we saw the clouds roll in around us and then watched a soccer game from 215 meters up after the clouds cleared away.

Yes, we also went to the zoo.


Yes, that’s a bear.

And yes, it’s late here. I’m going to sleep now. Hope y’all are well, and yes, more extensive update to follow.




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