An Interview (from New Haven)

Hi friends (and random strangers? welcome)! Many things have been happening in my life, but since I’m in America I haven’t been writing about them. I might do that soon, but probably not because Yale is hard and busy.

In the interim, here is an interview I did with Cru about my experience with Cru Study Abroad in Dublin. Doing the interview was a fun flashback to that great semester. Reading the article was a fun flashback to doing the interview, last April, while sitting next to the huge windows of my 9th-floor dorm room.

This year I’m on the eighth floor, which has similar views:IMG_20160905_192446287_HDR (1).jpg

It’s a nice place to live 🙂

Just to spice up this post with a bit of adventure (and also because I’m putting off doing work), here is a story. Two weeks ago I went on a retreat with Yale Students for Christ. On the way back, our bus started smoking acridly.


So, Yalies being who they are, everyone sat down on the roadside and did homework while the fire department and the state trooper and the tow truck did their business. Also everyone got on the bus again because it started raining, except I did not because I was driving around trying to find a stranger who would let us use their bathroom. Then eventually we got a new bus and came back to Yale and did more homework. The end.


That’s all for now, anyway… happy almost-October!



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